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Lebanon Wineries

» Frequently Asked Questions

*What are the benefits that I get from your web index?

Being a member in our web index will help you increase and expend your market. Our index will be a gateway to international and local surfers that are searching for Restaurants and other Tourism related data that best suits their needs.

* What makes Lebanon Restaurants unique and distinguished from all the other web indexes?

Our team realizes that Web Marketing is a complete framework that is connected all together.
E-Marketing is our specialty and we offer a rich range of solutions to increase traffic to your website. Some of our services are (Search Engine Submission and Optimization, Mass Mail and Newsletter systems, Banner Advertising, Traffic Analysis, E-Brochures, Web Hosting and moreÖ)

* Will Lebanon Restaurants be useful in case a Restaurant donít have a website?

We are offering free sub domain and 5 email accounts for free for any Restaurant who would like to be a member. The only cost will be for designing the page(s).

* How can I know that your web index is getting hits?

Live statistic from a third party corp. will be installed on our main page. You will be able to see analyze our hits.

* will I know about the hits that Iím getting from your web index to my webpage?

The Traffic analysis tool will help you manage and study all the hits you are getting on your webpage including the ones coming from our index.

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