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[ Olivia's - International ]
Name: Olivia's
Type: International
Tel: 01-515515
Mobile: 03-714678 | 70-686867
City: Sin El Fil
Area: Mount Lebanon - Matn
Address: Sin El Fil - Horch Tabet - Facing Metropolitan Palace Hotel
Olivia's, Sin El Fil
Olivia's, Sin El Fil Olivia's, Sin El Fil

Introducing lately , the famous and generous wedding package for 33 $/person ,you can enjoy your wedding day with your family and guests, with a sumptuous variety of meza,grilled meats and Arabic desserts that will keep you coming back for more.

In the heart of Beirut city and in the middle of the famous hotels in town , you can find the famous Olivia’s restaurant-café ,in Horsh Tabet , facing the Metroplitan Hotel , with a very long catalogue to choose between salads , hamburgers and pasta to a Lebanese style meat sea food , arguileh and delicious sweets .

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