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» DETAILS FOR Na3na3, Jounieh

[ Na3na3 - International ]
Name: Na3na3
Type: International
Tel: 09/ 91 40 40
Mobile: -
City: Jounieh
Area: Mount Lebanon - Keserwan
Address: Jounieh Street Al Saha, near central bank
Na3na3, Jounieh
Na3na3, Jounieh Na3na3, Jounieh

By concept, na3na3 is a Café & Restaurant exclusive with its Minty identity and original atmosphere. na3na3 serves all three meals a day holds with care and passion. Weather groups, couples, families or youth, they all can share na3na3 as their favorite spot that suits their taste.

Our menu brings the finest out of Lebanese & International Cuisines providing quality and variety along with the best chicha in town known here as “Narguileh”.

This explains our slogan: "Where best of Cuisines meet for a Chicha!" If you’re a homemade lover, our chef will hunt your hunger down with a fresh and delicious Daily Dish to fit your day. Just ask for it! na3na3 includes a bar great for drinks & sports events, and a comfy lounge designed for afternoon coffee breaks and business meetings.

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