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The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017 The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017 Save the date for the 2nd Edition of The Cocktail Festival, taking place this year in Jounieh, Lebanon's renowned capital of tourism and nightlife. 
After a successful 1st edition in Brummana in Summer 2016, with more than 45,000 visitors in 4 nights, The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017 will celebrate the great and the good of Lebanon's cocktail scene, with all the top bars and brands and all your favorite bartenders and mixologists.
Date: 17 to 20 August 2017
Place: Jounieh - Fouad Chehab Stadium 
Time: From 6:00 PM till Midnight
The Cocktail Festival featured more than 55 bar stations, bar caterers and pubs from Mar Mkhayel, Hamra, Jounieh, Badaro, Byblos, Brummana, Dbayeh and other nightlife hotspots. 
Non-stop entertainment with top-notch DJs, bands, shows and exciting competitions will mark again Lebanon's biggest Summer 2017 event! 

This event is brought to you by Beirut Cocktail Factory and CPR Group Stay tuned for news and updates...
Batroun International Festival 2017 Batroun International Festival 2017

Batroun International Festival

August 6: Beer, Wine & Seafood
August 12: Carole Samaha
August 18: Bonnie Tyler
August 19: Wael Kfoury
September 7/10: Batroun Mediterranean Film Festival

Get your tickets from Virgin Ticketing Box-Office!
The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2017 The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2017
Save the date for The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2017

The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2017

Beirut Restaurants Festival Beirut Restaurants Festival Beirut Restaurants Festival
Beirut Cooking Festival 2016 Beirut Cooking Festival 2016 The much-anticipated sixth edition of the Beirut Cooking Festival is Lebanon’s only event which brings together trade professionals and consumers who share a passion for the gastronomy. Beirut’s only annual cooking festival features entertaining and interactive programs from more than 100 exhibitors, the best celebrity chefs, beverage consultants and lifestyle experts, as well as producers, retailers and restaurants.

+ 100 Exhibitors 
• Food and beverage 
• Organic food 
• Small producers 
• Artisanal food 
• Leading restaurants 
• Accessories and utensils 
• Tableware 
• Kitchen equipment: heavy and small 
• Services (kitchen courses, chefs at home, websites, etc.)

+ 15,000 Visitors Thousands of visitors flock to the show to indulge in a celebration of fantastic food, drink and the art of cooking. 
• The event attracts a public interested in all aspects of cuisine, with medium to high purchasing power 
• It is particularly popular with food lovers and homemakers

Why Exhibit? 
• Promote your product(s) to a new audience 
• Meet client(s) and customer(s) face-to-face 
• Demonstrate your product(s) 
• Encourage brand awareness 
• Launch new products and test the market
Horsh beirut festival Horsh beirut festival After the recent opening of Horsh Beirut to the public, Assabil Friends of Public Libraries and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung Middle East will soon host Horsh 2016 Festival.

The festival will feature a variety of musicians and performance artists such as singer Tania Saleh, theatrical Collectif Kahraba and circus company Cirquenciel among others. There will be a variety of activities for children and adults, making it the perfect destination for a weekend family outing.

It will also feature several organisations that are actively involved in environmental and societal matters and offer a large range of workshops for the youth.

Free Entrance
Kfour festival 2016, Kfouriyat Kfour festival 2016, Kfouriyat Kfour festival 2016, Kfouriyat
Varekai Beirut Sept 2016‏ Varekai Beirut Sept 2016‏ Cirque du soleil
The Cocktail Festival The Cocktail Festival The Cocktail Festival - Brummana Edition 2016 Celebrate the great and the good of Lebanon's cocktail scene, including the bars and brands which make up this vibrant landscape, as well as your favorite bartenders and mixologists and definitely all the awesome bar hoppers in town 
Date: 18 to 21 August 2016 
Place: Brummana (Printania)
Time: From 6:00 PM till 1:00 AM every night More than 40 pubs from Mar Mkhayel, Hamra, Jounieh, Badaro, Byblos, Brummana, Dbayeh and more will be there with your favorite bartenders serving you the best cocktails ever! Oh and it's all so full full full of non-stop entertainment, DJs, bands, shows, competitions and much more! Simply, The Cocktail Festival will be Lebanon's biggest summer 2016 event! Concept by:
Beirut Cocktail Factory Event Management: CPR Group
Lakeside Festival - Zaarour Club - 5 to 7 AUG‏ Lakeside Festival - Zaarour Club - 5 to 7 AUG‏

Lakeside Festival - Zaarour Club - 5 to 7 AUG‏

Jounieh International Festival Jounieh International Festival

Raul Di Blasio Vs Michel Fadel on the 14th of July

Jason Derulo on the 18th of July 

Baalbeck International Festival Baalbeck International Festival Baalbeck International Festival
from Friday Jul 22nd 2016 to Sunday Aug 28th 2016
at Baalbeck
Ehdeniyat Festival 2016 Ehdeniyat Festival 2016 Ehdeniyat Festival 2016 
 from Friday Jul 22nd 2016 to Saturday Aug 20th 2016 
at Ehden Outdoor Venue 
Ehden, Lebanon
Beirut Holiday festival 2016 Beirut Holiday festival 2016

Beirut Holiday
from Friday Jul 8th 2016 to Thursday Aug 4th 2016
at BIEL Beirut International Exhibition & Leisure Center
Down Town, Beirut, Lebanon, Lebanon 961 1 995555

Beiteddine Art Festival 2016 Beiteddine Art Festival 2016

Beiteddine Art Festival 2016
from Friday Jul 8th 2016 to Tuesday Aug 9th 2016
The Beiteddine Festival is one of the leading festivals in the Middle East. It takes place in a large and magnificent 200-year old Palace in the Chouf Mountains, in Lebanon.
The Palace is a jewel of Lebanese architecture with its many courtyards, monumental gates, elegant arcades and leveled galleries.
Each year, in the months of July and August, the Festival presents outstanding performances by world famous stars and Lebanese artists.
at Beiteddine Palace


The Beiteddine Palace is a masterpiece of the early 19th century Lebanese architecture built by Emir Bechir Chehab II on a headland, which overlooks a terraced mountainside.
It lies 45 km southeast of Beirut and is situated 900 meters above sea level.

Beiteddine – Chouf, Lebanon 961 5 508 510

Batroun International Festival 2016 Batroun International Festival 2016 Batroun International Festival
from Friday Jul 8th 2016 to Saturday Jul 23rd 2016
at batroun
batroun, Lebanon
Zouk Mikael festival 2016 Zouk Mikael festival 2016 from Tuesday Jul 12th 2016 to Thursday Jul 21st 2016
at Amphitheatre Romain
Byblos International Festival 2016 Byblos International Festival 2016 from Friday Jul 15th 2016 to Tuesday Aug 9th 2016
at Byblos
Byblos International Festival is please to announce its full line up for 2016
Byblos (Jbeil), Lebanon +961 9 54 20 20
Kobayat International Festivals 2016 Lineup Kobayat International Festivals 2016 Lineup Kobayat Festivals is a yearly summer festival held in Kobayat Akkar, during the month of August.

Find below the 2016 Schedule 

5th of August 2016
Najwa Karam . 

6th of August 2016
Wale Kfoury 

12th of August 2016 
Boney M.

13th of August
Elias Rahbani
Summer Misk Festival Summer Misk Festival

BeitMisk, in partnership with BanqueLibano-Française, presents Summer Misk Festival 2016


From July 1stto July 3rd 2016


For the third consecutive year, Summer Misk Festival shines with the presence of an unbeatable international lineup.


Summer Misk Program


July 1, 2016


Arturo Sandoval


Arturo Sandoval is a Cuban jazz trumpeter, pianist and composer. One of the most dynamic and vivacious live Cuban Jazz performers of our time, Sandoval has been dazzling audiences all over the world. He has performed on the biggest stages and recorded with artists of exceptional caliber from Frank Sinatra to Justin Timberlake.


In 2000, Sandoval's life was the subject of the TV film “For Love or Country: The Arturo Sandoval Story”, where Andy Garcia played the role of Arturo



-          10 Time Grammy Award Winner, 19 Time Nominated

-          6 Billboard Awards

-          1 Emmy Award

-          2013 Recipient of Presidential Medal of Freedom by US President Barack Obama



July 2, 2016


John Newman


British pop sensation John Newman is a singer and musician, who gained global success with top charting hits like Blame, ‘Love Me Again’, ‘Losing Sleep’, ‘Cheating’, and ‘Come and Get Itjust to name a few.In 2014, Newman wasnominated for threeBrit

Awards, including British Male Solo Artist. As of February 2014, Newman has sold over 1.3 million records in the UK alone.


He is today one of the most demanded artists worldwide.


July 3, 2016


Beirut International Comedy Showcase


After last year’s success, the Beirut International Comedy Showcase is back again with an all new lineup that is set to bring the house down. Joining together 7 stand-up comedians in one night : 5 internationals, 2 locals, including host of Virgin Radio Lebanon, Anthony Saleme, known as the host of the hottest breakfast show in Lebanon.


Ronny Chieng (Malaysia) – The Daily Show

Ashley Fils-Aime (USA) – Comedy Central

Tahir (Australia) – Here Come the Habibs

Glenn Wool (Canada) – No Lands Man

Imaan (Lebanese Australian) – The Shortest Stand-Up Comedian in the World

Oh My Jad (Lebanon) – Winner of last year “So You Think You Can Joke?” competition on VRL and known today for his apperanceson the show “Lahon w Bass” on LBC.


Tickets are on sale at Virgin Ticketing Box Office.

The "Sunset Bar" will welcome audiencesstarting 7pm, concerts and shows begin at 9pm.


 Live Love Aley II Kermesse - Back to the 8o's Live Love Aley II Kermesse - Back to the 8o's Lebanese Scout Association - Aley 1 group in collaboration with Aley Municipality are inviting you to attend "Live Love Aley Kermesse II Back to the 80's" Join us for three amazing days from Friday 25/09/2015 till Sunday 27/09/2015 in Sahat Al Marajanat Aley and enjoy the games, activities, food, music and the different live shows. Don't forget to join our Parade happening on Friday 25 September 2015 in Souk Aley at 6:00 Pm. Read more on http://www.lebtivity.com/event/live-love-aley-ii-kermesse-back-to-the-8o-s
Beirut Cooking Festival 2015 Beirut Cooking Festival 2015 Book Your Stand at Beirut Cooking Festival 2015 - 12 to 14 November
Ghalboun festival 2015 Ghalboun festival 2015

Yawmiyyat Ghalboun Festival 2015 are celebrating Ghalboun Bi-yearly Art Festival from 25 July till 2 August 2015.

25 July 2015: Classic and Opera Night
Cello Concerto by Louis Parra El Khoury
Beirut Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Maestro Harout Fazlian

26 July 2015: Ghalboun Bi-yearly Classic Cars Show 2015

26 July 2015: Charbel Rouhana in concert

7 August 2015: Joseph Attieh

Dbayeh Festival 2015 Dbayeh Festival 2015
Dbayeh Festival 2015
Pick it!
Friday Jul 10 2015 from 08:30 pm until 12:00 am
Saturday Jul 11 2015 from 05:00 pm until 12:00 am
Sunday Jul 12 2015 from 05:00 pm until 11:00 pm
Dbayeh - Old Road - Next to BarTartine - Facing ABC offices [See map]
Exhibitions, Arts & Culture, Music, Family & Kids, Food & Drinks, Nightlife, Other
An enchanting event taking place in Dbayeh this summer as well! An initiative by Tajammo Ahel Al Mahabba for the fifth consecutive year to raise the voice of hope and peace in our beloved country! This is Dbayeh Festival 2015 that will take your breath away on July 10, 11, and 12, 2015. Be there to share with us these unforgettable moments. Long Live Dbayeh... 

Friday July 10th: 
- 8:30 PM : Opening Ceremony 
Tony Hanna 
Chehade Brothers 
- 12:00 AM : DJ 

Saturday July 11th: 
- 5:00 PM : Kids Entertainment by Mini Studio Show 
- 7:30 PM : Dbayeh Talent Show 
- 9:00 PM : Carlos 
- 10:30 PM : Assi El Hellani 
- 12:00 AM : DJ 

Sunday July 12th: 
- 5:00 PM : Kids Entertainment by Mini Studio Show 
- 8:00 PM : Dbayeh Talent Show 
- 9:30 PM : Melhem Zein 
- 11:00 PM : DJ 

Free Entrance 

For more info: 76-166516 

Summer misk festival, 2015 Summer misk festival, 2015 Thursday Jun 4th 2015 - Sunday Jun 7th 2015
04 Jun 2015 | 09:00 PM

05 Jun 2015 | 09:00 PM

06 Jun 2015 | 09:00 PM

07 Jun 2015 | 09:00 PM
Lebanon's best Christmas lights and holiday cheer Lebanon's best Christmas lights and holiday cheer

BEIRUT: It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas throughout Lebanon. As the commercialized holiday draws closer, Christmas decorations have popped across the country, from north to south and east to west. From the most creative to the most spectacular, The Daily Star breaks down the most impressive of all the lights, trees and other decorations.

9. Tyre

A bit of a play on words with this one. This is a Christmas tree made of tires and located in the southern coastal city of Tyre. In place of a star, a Santa hat is placed on top of the spray-painted green tires. Red dots of spray paint have also been popped on and cutouts of Santa hats sit on the side with Christmas lights, gold ornaments, blue and silver tinsel and silver wreaths.

8. Sidon

The official tree in Sidon is quite bland and typical. But there are other decorations around the city including non-pine trees that are adorned with beautiful orb-shaped ornaments of gold and red. That being said, any tree with the appropriate decorations is a Christmas tree!

7. Saloume

The northern suburb of Beirut stuck to a simple theme this year as white lights line their tree. Other smaller (non-Christmas) trees are also decorated with beautiful white lights that look as though they are small galaxies holding many constellations in their branches.

6. Downtown Beirut

While the tree isn't particularly spectacular this year, the setting of seeing a tree in Downtown Beirut, facing the front of the Mohammad al-Amin Mosque, is still a fantastic sight to behold, as well as a sign of coexistence in a country that has had a rough year security-wise.

5. Ashrafieh

The decorations are spread out a bit in Ashrafieh as Gebran Tueni place in Tabaris is decorated with a tree and smaller artificial, white-lit shrubs. The major attraction though is in Sassine Square, where the biggest tree is adorned with large, red, orb-shaped ornaments and a large star on top. The artificial white trees found in Tabaris are spread out around Sassine in the different patches of sidewalk. There is also the nativity scene below the tree that captures the heart and mind. Everyone is there – the animals, the three wise men, the angels and Jesus' family. Jesus traditionally is not placed on his stack of hay until the day of his birth, though that brings up a number of major questions, such as: aren't the wise men a bit early? Are the attendees' hands on their hearts to simply check their heart rate? And how did Mary keep such a great figure into the last few weeks of her pregnancy?

4. Batroun

As The Daily Star reported last week, the Batrouniyat festival displays a large and classic Christmas tree of white lights with a spacious open area for kids to run and play. A large star rests atop of this tree and a Christmas market is there to go along with it.

3. Tripoli

Despite its unfair reputation of being a "hub of support for extremists," the on-again-off-again battleground is decorated throughout with tasteful Christmas ornaments including a number of Christmas trees. One tree in particular is adorned with large gold ornaments and red fabric that reads, "Merry Christmas." Many of the city's vacant roundabouts have been filled with towering Christmas trees. Last year, news spread that angry citizens burned down one of the city's trees. The news was later refuted as proof emerged of an electrical fire that burned half a tree that was quickly refurbished.

2. Beirut Souks

Toss out the old and bring in the new age Christmas! There are two notable trees in the Souks. The first is a classical tree from Patchi adorned with the more politically correct message of "Happy Holidays." The big attraction though is the Coca-Cola tree. That's right, the Coca-Cola tree lights up at night and is made of personalized Coca-Cola bottles. Check it out and find your name on the tree. Hopefully you'll have more luck than the author. There are also large, white-lightened reindeer near the entry to the souks.

1. Byblos

So impressive are Byblos' Christmas decorations that the Wall Street Journal featured the city in a photography piece about Christmas trees around the world. The 97-foot-tall tree is made up of what look like golden leaves with a skinny-shining-star that resembles the North Star siting at the top. But the real surprise is walking underneath the tree, where a look up unveils a nativity scene of paper cutouts.

The animals, wise men, and Jesus' family are all there, dancing above your head.

Outside the tree are a number of small, white houses making up a pleasant Christmas village.

The finishing touch is the lining of all doors and windows of the houses straddling the entrance street to Byblos with white lights. Doves, made also of white lights, hang in the air and other simple but fantastic shapes are scattered among the median strip of ruins. If you're dreaming of a white Christmas, this is the place to go.

Beiteddine international festival 2014 Beiteddine international festival 2014

Beiteddine International Art Festival 2014 – Full Program

Thursday June 26 – 8:30 pm – Majida El Roumy
Live a splendid moment with our famous Lebanese diva, in a concert not to be missed!
Magida El Roumi promises the fans of the Beiteddine Art Festival a night to remember, as she will offer them a compilation of her best songs, especially her new releases reflecting the joy and sophistication of her art.

USD: 200, 150, 100, 60, 30 
LBP: 300 000, 225 000, 150 000, 90 000, 45 000 
Tickets available in Virgin Megastore all branches. 

Majida Al Roumi
Majida Al Roumi

Thursday July 2 – 9:00 pm – Joss Stone
Soul, pop and Rhythm n’ Blues at their best with Grammy Award winner Joss Stone!
Joss Stone was only 16 years old when she debuted with The Soul Sessions in 2003. Britain and the United States quickly fell for her worldly, earthy soul voice. With over 11 million album sales to date and a wealth of experience under her belt, she embarks this year on a world tour, stopping in Beiteddine for one night only.

USD: 100, 80, 60, 40 
LBP: 150 000, 120 000, 90 000, 60 000 
Tickets available at Virgin Megastore all branches. 

Joss Stone
Joss Stone

Thursday July 10 – 9:00 pm – A tribute to Sufi Masters & Muwashahat Legends – 
Kudsi Erguner, Waed Bouhassoun
An enchanting mystical night with the rising voice of the Arab world, Waed Bohassoun, the navy virtuouso Kudsi Erguner and Fawaz Baker on his oud, accompanied by two large Musical Ensembles from Aleppo and Istanbul in an exceptional encounter.

USD: 70, 40 
LBP: 105 000, 60 000 
Tickets available at Virgin Megastore all branche

A tribute to Sufi Masters
A tribute to Sufi Masters

Friday July 18 – 9:00 pm – Katie Melua
Katie Melua possesses one of the most sublime, enchanting voices of her generation. With her unique and astonishing voice, she has become, over a decade, one of Britain’s most successful recording artists of the millennium selling more than 13 million albums and receiving 56 platinum awards.

USD: 120, 90, 60, 40 
LBP: 180 000, 135 000, 90 000, 60 000 
Tickets available at Virgin Megastore all branches. 

Katie Melua
Katie Melua

Friday July 25 & Saturday July 26 – 9:00 pm – Titanic – Ballet National de Marseille
“A Titanic triumph”, an imposing show inspired by the most famous shipwreck of all time. Step into the world of Titanic and experience a magical evening! In collaboration with the renowned Italian artist Fabrizio Plessi, Frédéric Flamand created Titanic, an outstanding modern dance performance with a breathtaking setting and a groundbreaking choreography!

USD: 100, 80, 60, 30 
LBP: 150 000, 120 000, 90 000, 45 000 
Tickets available at Virgin Megastore all branches.

Titanic - Ballet National de Marseille
Titanic – Ballet National de Marseille

Friday August 1 & Saturday August 2 – 9:00 pm – Kazim Al Saher
Yes the living legend of Arabic music is back for two memorable nights!
Beside his huge musical career and achievements, Kadim Al Sahir is also a genuine humanitarian, with much recognition including a “First Class Accolades Honor” by the Arab League, and a “Goodwill Ambassador” appointment by the UNICEF.

USD: 180, 120, 90, 60, 30 
LBP: 270 000, 180 000, 135 000, 90 000, 45 000 
Tickets Available at Virgin Megastore all branches.

Kazim Al Saher
Kazim Al Saher

Thursday, Friday & Saturday August 7, 8, 9 – 8:00 pm – “Antigone” by Wajdi Mouawad 
With the participation of Bertrand Cantat (Noir Desir) 
The world famous Lebanese Director, Wajdi Mouawad, brings to Beiteddine his unconventional adaptation of Sophocles’ play “Antigone”, premiered in Avignon. This avant-garde, daring and brilliant mise en scène is highlighted by the provocative voice of Noir Désir’s rock singer, Bertrand Cantat.

USD: 70, 40 
LBP: 105 000, 60 000 
Tickets available in Virgin Megastore all branches.


June 26 – August 9 – Hidden treasures of the Higher Shouf – Photography Exhibition
A fascinating journey into the hidden treasures of the Higher Shouf through an exhibition of photos exploring heritage sites.
Conservation project by C.A. Zaher Ghossaini.
Photos by Eddy Choueiry, Aslan Joumblatt, Walid Rachid, and Fadi Baddour.

Imagine dragons at jounieh international festival 2014 Imagine dragons at jounieh international festival 2014 IMAGINE DRAGONS
Monday July 7th 2014 | 20:30
at Fouad Chehab Stadium, Jounieh, Lebanon
Elias Rahbani at jounieh festival 2014 Elias Rahbani at jounieh festival 2014 Elias Rahbani.
Wednesday July 2nd 2014 | 20:30
at Fouad Chehab Stadium, Jounieh, Lebanon
BYBLOS, Flowers, Birds and Traditional Products Festival 2014 BYBLOS, Flowers, Birds and Traditional Products Festival 2014 " BYBLOS, Flowers, Birds & Traditional Products Festival 2014"
Date: Friday 21, Saturday 22, Sunday 23, March 2014
Location: Roman Road, JBEIL BYBLOS Main Entrance From 10am to 7pm.
Ehmej Festival 2013 Ehmej Festival 2013

Fares Karam, Ehmej Festival (23 August)

Haifa, Ehmej Festival (24 August)

Ramy Ayyach, Ehmej Festival (22 August)

Wael Kfoury, Ehmej Festival (25 August)

Ehdeniyat International Festival 2013 Ehdeniyat International Festival 2013

Fahed El Abdallah

Saturday August 03

Fahd Abdallah is one of the gracious men who dedicated himself, he who enjoys a great talent, to transfer the body arts or the folk dance from the traditional stagnant status preserved in the conscience and the memory to a dynamic status that inspires imagination and pleases the eyes and the ears.

In 1978, he founded his own troupe for folk arts that participated in various local, Arab and international festivals with several shows. Since that date, he was keen to offer a flexible traditional art open to modernization. He is still running this unique Arab troupe that is seeking to generalize folklore by adapting it to the requirements of the modern artistic savoring. Fahd Abdallah knows how to travel smoothly with his audience from one Arab state to another starting with the Lebanese folklore, passing though the Gulf, Mesopotamia and Syria and ending at the banks of the Nile. With one move of a skilled jeweler, he makes from scattered various folkloric sections one collar of pearl, an uninterrupted sequence of beads, with perfect artistic characteristics, vivid colors and a magnificent melody, the composer, the author and the exhibitor being all one. As if folklore is being reinvented.

Fahd Abdallah studied in Beirut Arab University where he got a bachelor degree in philosophy and psychology. Then, he continued his higher studies at the Saint Joseph University where he got a diploma of higher studies in psychology. In order to combine eastern and western arts, he travelled to London and studied at the Martha Graham Center for Contemporary and Classical Dance where he got a diploma in these two arts. In 1978, he returned to Lebanon and established Fahd Abdallah Lebanese Folk Dance Troupe.

Since he founded his troupe, Fahd Abdallah was keen to offer a flexible traditional art that is open to modernization. He is running this unique Arab troupe that seeks to generalize folklore by adapting it to the requirements of the modern artistic savoring. He worked hard to prove that the Lebanese folklore is not just a folklore that is seen or heard but it is a collective knowledge that draws its core from the past, adapts this core to the present and uses it as yeast for the future.

For thirty years, Fahd Abdallah Lebanese Folk Dance Troupe has been performing at the local and the international levels moving the Lebanese Folklore from stagnancy to a dynamism that inspires imagination and please the eyes and the ears


Ehdeniyat Kids

Wednesday August 07

Ghinwa Super Show

Sunday August 18

Alice aux pays des merveilles

Wednesday August 21

Louna Summer Musical

Emma Shapplin

Friday August 09


The young and talented phenomenon, Emma Shapplin has been attracting fans all over the world with her operatic pop and dramatic performances. Emma has evolved through many styles and has recently created her own unique style of music that became a combination of archaic opera and modern trance or pop music.

Emma Shapplin began her music career in the classical tradition, before moving to rock. She discovered that although rock gave her a certain artistic freedom and brought her to an exploration of the lower range of her voice, she was still not entirely satisfied. She then moved back to classical, studying opera with various teachers, harmony and piano in Paris and then later cello as well as starting exploring new vocal possibilities and directions.

Consequently, Emma decided to create her own style where she can express freely her musical experiences and more generally her artistic orientations. With the help of great musicians from a wide array of genres of the industry, this very personnal style evolved into a combination of diverse influences including opera, lyric poetry, modern trance, rock and synth-pop.

Her first album Carmine Meo (1998) represents her debut step as a professional artist, and sold over two million copies around the world and became multi-platinum many times, which introduced her work to more than 25 countries.

A few years later, Emma was invited by composer Graeme Revell to sing three original and graceful tracks based on poetry of Dante from his score for the Hollywood movie Red Planet - a soundtrack that she shared with Peter Gabriel, William Orbit and Sting.

For her second album Etterna (2003), Emma, a great lover of poetry and literature, wrote all the lyrics directly in medieval Italian, playing with time and styles using, as she says, many "carefully chosen archaic words and expressions" in order to evoke the great ancient poets, playwrights and their works, even including, in order to evoke her love for Greek culture, fragments of Sappho's poetry. In terms of the music itself, Emma was interested in developing some of Etterna's compositions with another artist as well and consequently invited Graeme Revell to join her. As Emma likes to explain, "He brought his maturity and the smoothness of his orchestration."

One of Emma's most extraordinary collaborations occurred during Etterna's recording sessions at Abbey Road Studio, when the London Philharmonic Orchestra accompanied her, playing her and Revell's composition scores, and with the London Philharmonic Choir singing her words, Emma was absolutely in heaven. The experience was a very special moment that was truly unforgettable and magical. At the same period, she created her own production company "Nimue Music". Etterna led Emma to experience remarkable and bewitching stage performances, which she produced and staged herself.

Emma most recently wrote and composed her new album Macadam Flower, released in 2010, which is an exquisite journey through electro-pop-rock, a new approach of singing, of sensuality, poetry and drama.

Demis Roussos

Saturday August 10

The legendary Greek singer and performer, Demis Roussos, known for his dramatic, operatic vocal stylings, was born in Egypt, on June 15, 1946, to Greek expatriate parents. In the early '60s, the family decided to return to their homeland, and once there, the young Roussos, who had studied trumpet and sung in the church choir in Egypt, began playing in local bands. One of these was Aphrodite's Child, which also featured Vangelis and Lucas Sideras. A huge hit in Europe, especially France, the band released a handful of albums before breaking up in 1971.

With his label contacts in place, Roussos was able to secure a deal as a solo recording artist, and later that same year issued the single "We Shall Dance," also included on the album On the Greek Side of My Mind. The 1970s were a prolific time for Roussos, and he released a number of singles and albums that charted highly on the European and Latin American charts such as "Goodbye My Love Goodbye" and "Forever and Ever".

In 1978 the singer decided to retire, and moved to Malibu Beach, where he kept a lower profile. Eventually he moved back to Greece, and it was there from which he boarded a flight to Rome in 1985. The plane was hijacked and Roussos and his wife, along with the other passengers, were held captive for a few days. This experience changed his life, and he decided the best way he could help others and promote understanding in the world was by returning to music. He recorded twenty other songs and compiled an album called "the story of Demis Roussos". With this album, he started to world tour again and found a nostalgic audience who had missed his magic voice.

Demis's voice is beyond comprehension, he embodies the Meditareanian feeling in the best of ways. He was awarded more than a hundred golden, platinum, and diamond albums and cassettes and he has sold over 60 million albums worldwide.

Moscow Ballet RFB

Friday August 16

One of the most prestigious dance companies in the world, Moscow Ballet RFB is coming to Ehden for one single performance at Ehdeniyat International Festival to perform works of legendary Russian composer Pyotr Tchaikovsky.

The Moscow Ballet RFB was founded by Timur Fayziev in 1989. After having toured much of the world and retired from the stage, Timur founded his own academy of dancers. In 1989 he fulfilled the need to give professional continuity to the students of his academy. With only a few years of tours, the Company carried out numerous tours throughout Japan, England, Spain, Ireland, Germany, Thailand, Switzerland, and other countries. Nowadays and throughout its history, the Moscow Ballet RFB has exhibited a repertoire of the best pieces of classical ballet, among which one finds: "Sleeping Beauty", "Swan Lake", "Nutcracker", "Giselle", "Don Quixote", "Romeo and Juliet", "A Midsummer Night's Dream", or "Carmen".

The international renown and prestige that the Company enjoys has not stopped growing. Because of this, as a result of the relevancy, rigor and
professionalism that were forged as the years went by, in 1991 the RFB Moscow Ballet was the only one in the whole of Russia invited to participate in the legendary dancer and choreographer Rudolf Nureyev's last tour through England, Norway and Sweden.

In 2003 the company received from its country the honorific diploma for the effort made by the whole company on having carried out a thousand performances. To be one of the most important companies in the country is for the RFB Moscow Ballet the best proof and guarantee of the excellence that it has been exporting to half the world for 20 years.

Hanine Y son Cubano

Saturday August 17

Hanine Y Son Cubano was formed by avant-garde artist and producer Michel Elefteriades as a groundbreaking project of Arabo-Cuban fusion. Hanine, the lead singer, has a voice that vehicles all the Arabic Tarab tradition, while her musicians, who are the best of their generation in Cuba, were especially gathered for this cultural venture.

Hanine's musical career started in 2000 with a fusion album of oriental melodies sang in Arabic, mixed with Cuban harmonies and rhythms. This Warner album was a best seller in the Middle East and Latin America. She then performed in several European capitals and in Brazil. After the release of her second album in 2004, Hanine toured around the world with successful concerts in the great capitals confirming the triumph of this new musical style. Her latest opus, the Festivals Album was released in August 2010.

Luis Gonzalez, the International Cuban singer, is accompanied by the musicians of Son Cubano who are all graduates of the High Conservatory of Music in Havana/Cuba. They formed the band a few years ago and participated in international festivals around Europe, Latin America, Japan and in international events such as Miss Europe, the IV Mercado Cultural do Bahia in Brazil… The band plays all styles of Cuban music from classical old Boleros to modern "Salsa Fuerte", passing by Cha-cha-cha, Son, Guajira, Afro-Cuban…besides other Latin American styles. The group has created its own personalized choreographies that they also perform on stage.

Kadim AL Sahir

Friday August 23, Saturday 24

Kadim Al Sahir is an Iraqi singer, composer, and poet who has established himself as one of the most successful singers in the history of the Arab World, since the start of his career; ranging from big romantic ballads to more political work, from pop to Arab classical music.

Born in 1957, to a simple family, Kadim grew up fueled by passion for creativity. After exploring various forms of art including sculpting, painting, drawing, fashion, poetry, and others, he decided to specialize in music. Soon after he became a multi- instrumentalist, started composing his own music, and sometimes even writing and arranging them.

Kadim then after went on to re-define Arabic music with his genius compositions of Arabic poetry, especially that of legendary Syrian romantic poet Nizar Qabbani who hailed Kadim as "The Caesar of Arabic music", and went on to build a groundbreaking, substantial and enormously popular body of work with huge hits including "Zidini ishqan", "Quolee ahibuka", & "Ahibini".

Kadim pioneered Arabic-International collaborations with various artists including Sarah Brightman on "The war is over", Lenny Kravitz on "We want peace", Paula Cole, One Giant Leap, TGU, & Quincy Jones & REDone on "Tomorrow". Along with Italian Andrea Bocelli, and Spanish Julio Iglesias, Arabian Kadim Al Sahir is a "romantic world music legend".

The no.1 Arabic legend has gained numerous artistic awards including the much respected BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards for "Best Middle Eastern/North African Artist" and "Audience Award", Jordan Awards for "The Best Arabic Artist", & Murex d'or for "Lifetime Achievement Legend Award". His song "Ana Wa Leila" is the only Arabic song listed and ranks 6th among the ten best songs in the world on BBC.

As a genuine humanitarian, with much recognition including a "First Class Accolades Honor" by The Arab League, and a "Goodwill Ambassador" by the UNICEF, Kadim continues in striving to spread love through his music across the universe.   


  • Zgharta, Al Abeh, Kabalan Ghaleb Center, 1st Floor

  • +961-6-664466

  • +961-6-664466

  • +961-76-908020

  • Oriental night 7, 2013 Oriental night 7, 2013 Beirut waterfront. On the fourth of  july.
    ع إهدن شرفونا ع إهدن شرفونا

    صيف إهدن هذا العام لن يكون مجرد فصل راحة بل تجربة مميزة، حيث ستستقبل إهدن خلال مهرجان "إهدنيات" الدولي 2013 عدداً من ألمع الفنانين اللبنانين، العرب والعالمين، إضافة لعروض مسرحية خيالية، وسيمتد المهرجان، الذي يقام بالتعاون مع إتحاد بلديات قضاء زغرتا الزاوية، طيلة آب، بالتالي ستكون "إهدنيات" أكثر من مهرجان فني بل تجربة مميزة.

    من إهدن التاريخ العريق، التراث الديني، الطبيعة الغنية، من إهدن كرم الضيافة، الفرح والسهر دعت لجنة مهرجان اهدنيات لتمضية أروع صيف على ان يتم الإعلان عن أسماء الفنانين وتفاصيل برنامج مهرجان "إهدنيات" الدولي 2013 في أول أسبوع من شهر تموز، وسيعود ريع المهرجان هذا العام لكل من: "Kids First" الجمعية المعنية بمعالجة الأطفال المصابين بمرض السرطان و "North Autism Center"مركز الشمال للتوحد.

    كما تجدرالإشارة أن مهرجان "إهدنيات" سيتضمن أسبوعاً خاصا للأطفال مع دخول مجاني.

    من إهدن وأهلها، ومن لجنة مهرجان "إهدنيات" نقول لكم : "ع إهدن شرفونا".

    Byblos international festival 2013 Byblos international festival 2013 Crazy Opera
    Lana DelRey
    One Republic
    Zouk Mikael Festival 2013 Zouk Mikael Festival 2013

    Zouk Mikael International Festival 2013

    from Tuesday Jul 23rd 2013 to Monday Aug 5th 2013

    Pascal Obispo Concert Amphitheatre Romain 23 Jul 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Ziad Rahbani Concert Amphitheatre Romain 25 Jul 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Jonathan Batiste & Monica Yunus Jazz Amphitheatre Romain 31 Jul 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Otis Grand – Blues 65 Blues Amphitheatre Romain 05 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Batroun Festival Batroun Festival

    Batroun Festival 2013

    from Saturday Aug 10th 2013 to Saturday Aug 24th 2013
    at batroun

    Mike Massy Festival batroun 10 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Engelbert Festival batroun 17 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Magida El Roumy Festival batroun 24 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM

    from Friday Aug 9th 2013 to Sunday Aug 18th 2013
    at Beirut Souk

    Nancy Ajram Concert : Beirut Souk 09 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Wael Kfoury Concert: Beirut Souk 11 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Sabah Fakhri Concert: Beirut Souk 13 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Elissa Concert: Beirut Souk 17 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Safwane Bahlawane & Samar kamouj Concert: Beirut Souk 10 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Anthony Touma Concert: Beirut Souk 12 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Rock the Ballet Show Dance Show: Beirut Souk 16 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Adonis Misc: Beirut Souk 18 Aug 2013 | 09:00 PM
    Forestronika Festival 2013 We would like to inform you of the 6th edition of Forestronika Festival happening this july 4,5,6&7 at Yahchou, nahr ibrahim, al wadi resort. It is a 4 days camping experience by the river side that includes a variety of programs to cater to many tastes and needs. A program of green workshops, 2 stages with international DJs and producers and a dozen of lebanese live bands with a flea market , food and beverage kiosks.... event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/161860130641184/ Official fan page: www.forestronika.org Nicole Salwan Organizer 70505406
    Jounieh international festival, michel sardou Jounieh international festival, michel sardou MICHEL SARDOU
    Saturday June 29th 2013|21:00
    at Fouad Chehab stadium
    PUZZLE Contemporary dance, at baalback festival 2013 PUZZLE Contemporary dance, at baalback festival 2013

    Friday August 30th 2013



    Contemporary dance Choreography : Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Production: Eastman Singers: Fadia Tomb el Hage, Kazunari Abe and "A Filetta", Corsican polyphonic group Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui is the symbol of European contemporary dance worldwide. A successful choreographer, (remember Babel in Beiteddine in 2011) Cherkaoui first presented Puz/zle at the Avignon Festival in 2012 and is now touring across the world. In this work, Cherkaoui attempts to seek the role of mankind within the world’s puzzle and continues his exploration of identity, religion, culture and emotion. He not only works with the best dancers but also with the most talented musicians. As such, the show includes Japanese musician Kazunari Abe, the famous Corsican polyphonic singing group "A Filetta" as well as the powerful voice of Lebanese soprano Fadia Tomb El-Hage. Singers and dancers take part in an amazing composition tackling the theme of the stone.

    Bacchus temple StepsBallabek City, Lebanon+961 1 373150


    Marcel khalife live at baalbeck festival 2013 Marcel khalife live at baalbeck festival 2013

    Saturday August 24th 2013



    Marcel Khalifé is an iconic Lebanese composer, oud master and singer. He has performed in prestigious halls in Montreal, New York, Boston, Washington DC, London, Egypt, Paris, Italy, etc... Marcel Khalife's works has been critically acclaimed both in the Arab World and worldwide. His creativity and innovations alongside his educational and humanitarian concerns and his contributions to the promotion of Arts and Culture in the Arab World has earned him ten awards in the Arab World and internationally. At Baalbek, he will perform two concerts, accompanied by his oud, and interpret all his classics in the intimate setting of the Acropolis.
    Bacchus temple I

    Ballabek City, Lebanon
    +961 1 373150



    Eliane Elias, performing at baalbeck international festival 2013 Eliane Elias, performing at baalbeck international festival 2013

    Friday August 23rd 2013



    Multi-Grammy Award nominee, Eliane Elias is a brilliant jazz pianist, arranger, vocalist and songwriter. As the protégée of Vinicius de Moraes and Antonio Carlos Jobim, fathers of bossa nova, the famous Brazilian pianist went on to collaborate with musicians like Herbie Hancock, Jack...

    Bacchus temple Steps
    Ballabek City, Lebanon+961 1 373150


    Baalbeck festival 2013, MARIANNE FAITHFULL Baalbeck festival 2013, MARIANNE FAITHFULL

    Saturday August 17th 2013



    Marianne Faithful, rock muse of the 20th century, is an icon that continues to make a significant mark in the history of pop music. Discovered at the age of 17 by the producer of the Rolling Stones - who invited her to interpret Mick Jagger and Keith Richards’ first composition As Tears Go By - the beautiful British blonde, whose hoarse voice and eventful life made her famous in Swinging London, has also collaborated with acclaimed musicians such as Serge Gainsbourg, David Bowie, Metallica and Nick Cave. Her successful latest album Horses and High Heels was released in 2011. On stage, this living legend will perform several songs by the Rolling Stones including Sister Morphine and other famous hits that the audience is looking forward to, such as The Ballad of Lucy Jordan and Broken English.
    Bacchus temple StepsBallabek City, Lebanon+961 1 373150


    Assi el hellany, performing at baalbeck international festival 2013 Assi el hellany, performing at baalbeck international festival 2013

    Friday August 9th 2013



    Assi ... El Helm, a musical and theatrical concert.
    Renowned Lebanese singer Assi Hellani returns to the majestic temples with a colorful concert accompanied by an orchestra, a choir, magnificent dancers but also beautiful visuals. He has participated in many important musical events including the Jerash and Carthage Festivals and has toured extensively across Europe, the Arab world and the United States. Established as a major star in the region, he has so far released 13 studio albums. At Baalbelk, Assi Hellani will perform a varied repertoire and will interpret his most popular songs such as Halit Kalbi , Jan jnouni , Bab 3am yibki , Sa'alouni, Ma li sabir… as well as a new song dedicated to Baalbek.
    Steps of Bacchus templeBallabek City, Lebanon+961 1 373150


    Les Nuits, Ballet Preljocaj, at beiteddine festival 2013 Les Nuits, Ballet Preljocaj, at beiteddine festival 2013 Les Nuits / Ballet Preljocaj
    Thursday August 1st 2013|21:00  

    Al Midan (J)
    Beiteddine - Chouf, Lebanon+961 5 500900
    Dee Dee Bridgewater and ramsey lewis, at beiteddine festival 2013, Lebanon Dee Dee Bridgewater and ramsey lewis, at beiteddine festival 2013, Lebanon
    Wednesday July 17th 2013|21:00
    Dee Dee Bridgewater is a three-time Grammy Award winning jazz singer-songwriter, as well as a Tony Award - winning stage actress and host of National Public Radio's syndicated radio show JazzSet with Dee Dee Bridgewater. She is a United Nations Ambassador for the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).

    Al Midan (J)
    Beiteddine - Chouf, Lebanon+961 5 500900
    beiteddine festival 2013, kathem el saher beiteddine festival 2013, kathem el saher
    Thursday July 4th 2013|21:00
    Kadim Al Sahir is widely considered as the no.1 Arabic legend of contemporary singing. Throughout his career of over 25 years, he has released around 25 albums, sold over 100 million albums and performed live to millions across the globe.
    Kadim has gained numerous artistic awards including the much valued BBC Radio 3 World Music Awards for “Best Middle Eastern/North African Artist” as well as the “Audience Award”, the Jordan Award for “The Best Arabic Artist”. His song “Ana Wa Leila” was ranked 6th among the ten best songs in the world on BBC, and was the only Arabic song listed. He performed at many prestigious international venues including the Royal Albert Hall in London, the Circus Maximus in Rome, the Beiteddine Art Festival in Lebanon and the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. A genuine humanitarian, his many recognitions include the“First Class Accolades Honour” by The Arab League, and an apointment as “Ambassador of Goodwill” by the UNICEF.

    Al Midan (K)
    Beiteddine - Chouf, Lebanon+961 5 500900

    Wednesday June 26th 2013|20:30
    The China National Acrobatic Troupe was founded in 1950. It actively combines tradition with innovation. It not only preserves many traditional programs, but also integrates acrobatics, music, dance, drama, Chinese kungfu into acrobatics to create many new productions such as "Chinese Soul", "Legend in Wonderland", "The Legend of Magic", "Top Acrobatic Class", "Spectacular Acrobatics", "The Star Dream" and "Splendid". Till now, the China National Acrobatic Troupe has won 48 gold medals including Golden Clown, President Award, Gold Magic Prize, etc. in various international and domestic competitions. Until 2008, it has visited all major cities in China and set foot in more than 115 countries and regions in the world. Its spirit of learning, improving and developing acrobatic art has won high appraise from all over the world.

    Al Midan(Cir)
    Beiteddine - Chouf, Lebanon+961 5 500900

    Beiteddine 2013 festival, silk road in the steps of marco polo Beiteddine 2013 festival, silk road in the steps of marco polo
    Friday June 21st 2013|20:30
    On The Steps of Marco Polo A Musical Journey on the Silk Road Production: Beiteddine Art Festival Artistic Director & Director: Alain Weber Musical Director: Kyriakos Kalaitzidis Lighting: Christophe Olivier The Lebanese Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Lubnan Baalbaki Rafic Ali Ahmad: Marco Polo/Hakawaty, Lebanon - Abir Nehme: Singer, Lebanon Charbel Rouhana: Oud, Lebanon - Mohamad Moutamedi: Singer, Iran Amraa: Singer, Mongolia - Anuj Mishra: Dancer, India - Dance Company Gheir, India - Dance Company Sama, Syria - Byzantine Choir, Lebanon - Venice Musical Ensemble, Italy Ulzhan Baibussynova Singer & Dumbra, Kazakhstan - Anwar Khan Manghaniyar: Singer, Rajasthan India
    Al MidanBeiteddine - Chouf, Lebanon+961 5 500900

    225,000 LBP Sold out
    135,000 LBP
       90,000 LBP
       50,000 LBP
    Ajaltoun summer festival 2012 22-8-2012 :
    8:00 مسرحية ترفيهية دينية لاخويات فرسان العذراء
    9:30 النجمة ماريان زياده-
    10:30 النجم الصاعد الشاب رفاييل جبور 

    مسرحية " ما تجرب " ضد المخدرات 8:30 
    عرض للسفارة الإندونيسية 10:00 

    8:30 cirque fantastique (cirque du liban) 

    9:30 zein el omar

    26-8-2012 :
    9:45 comedy night season 5

    9:00 western night - rodeo show - romeo chemaly

    5:30 funky town kids show

    رسيتال ديني مع الأب رالف طنجر 8:00 
    9:00 بلدية الأطفال عجلتون 

    9:30 ajaltoun's got talent :

    29-8-2012 :
    9:30 Grace medawar

    11:00 The chehade brothers - elefteriades production

    N.B: free entrence festival
    organized by the municipality of Ajaltoun
    Ehmej Festival 2012

    Place: Ehmej, Jbeil

    Date: From 16th till 19th of August 2012

    Organizers: Ehmej Municipality


    Ehmej Festival takes place at full green zone in Mount Lebanon, the festival's aims are to boost tourism, promote the Lebanese culture, and spread music and art from Jbeil Caza to the rest of the Lebanese area.


    This year, Ehmej Fetival proudly presents 4 Stars in 4 Days:

    • Melhem Zain - August 16

    • Hicham El Hage - August 17

    • Mou3in Chreif - August 18

    • Najwa Karam - August 19


    Lebanese music fans are invited to attend this exceptional week and explore in the same time the amazing and beautiful portrait of Ehmej.


    How to get at Municipality:

    Take the north highway leading to Jbeil, once there exit the highway and take the internal road that climb toward Ehmej going through the following villages: Hboub, Braij, Raas Osta, Annaya, Kfarbaal, Ehmej.


    Take the north highway and exit in Naher Ibrahim, the road goes through the following villages: Bir el Heyt, Kouu el Mashnaka, Kartaba, Mazraeet el Siyed, Laklouk, Ehmej.

    Dhour Shweir Festival 2012 Dhour Shweir Festival 2012 From 28 of July till August 11
    Melhem Zein & Najwa Karam, Faqra Date:28-July-2012
    Location: Faqra Ruins
    Time: 8:30, PM
    Tickets: 30,000 | 60,000 | 90,000 | 120,000

    KEANE in Beirut (Strangeland European Tour)‏ KEANE in Beirut (Strangeland European Tour)‏ KEANE in Beirut (Strangeland European Tour)‏
    Saturday october 13
    The 1st Music Festival in Saida‏ The 1st Music Festival in Saida‏ The 1st Music Festival in Saida‏
    The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2012

    29 May - 2 June 2012 | Beirut Hippodrome | 4 - 10 P.M.

    Event Profile:
    The Garden Show & Spring Festival 2012 has become the awaited event of spring in Beirut.
    In a relaxed atmosphere, a large public of visitors gathers and strolls among the beautifully appointed stands to shop for their gardens and outdoors and benefit from expert advice on gardening and other specific matters.

    Green is no longer just a color. It is synonymous with behavior; a new way of living. We all have to input our green initiatives to make a better world.

    The Garden Show & Spring Festival will take place from 29 May to 2nd June 2012 at the Beirut Hippodrome and will be held under the theme of "The Green Attitude".

    Date: 29 May - 2 June 2012
    Time: 4:00 - 10:00 pm
    Place: Beirut Hippodrome - Lebanon

    Featuring over 220 exhibitors varying from landscape design and nurseries to gardening tools and outdoor furniture as well as other different sections related to the outdoor living, The Garden Show & Spring Festival offers something for everyone. The event attracts more than 22.000 buyers and garden lovers looking forward to this gardening event each year.

    Exhibitor Profile

    Garden supplies, equipment and tools
    Outdoor furniture
    Garden decorative items
    Children outdoor games and playgrounds
    Garden handicrafts
    Eco tourism
    Traditional food products

    Visitor Profile

    General public
    Gardening amateurs

    Media present

    LBC, NBN TV, OTV, MTV, Future TV, Akhbar Al Mustaqbal, Noun, Deco, Revue du Liban, Monday Morning, Fairuz, Al Hadeel, Running Middle East, Al Bia Wal Tanmia, Masculin, Time Out, Layalina, Mondanite, Elle Orient, Byzance, L'Agenda Culturel, Prestige, Al Mustaqbal, Diyar, Daily star, An Nahar L'orient le Jour, Al Balad Arabic, Al Balad French, Liwaa, Radio Light Fm, Radio Nostalgie.

    Little me Little you children and Youth festival Little me Little you children and Youth festival Little me Little you The first festival edition will showcase the following cultural performances: :

    • Film Music Orchestra performed by Lebam Lebanese Band For Promotion of the Music 24th of March 2012 –Unesco Palace Beirut at 4pm

    • Peter Pan Musical Theatre performed by the Scenez Drama And Arts Academy Talented Students 31st of March 2012 –Unesco Palace Beirut at 4pm

    • Hansel and Gretel Children Opera performed by professional actors, singers, musicians 7th of April 2012 –Unesco Palace Beirut at 4pm.
    Beirut Winter Festival Beirut Winter Festival

    The festival is organized by a group of university professors, youth and artists interested in promoting cultural activities in Beirut. It is open to the public between 17 and 23 December 2011, in the Gefinor Center Plaza in the Clemenceau area. The group is assisted by the company Prometheus Sarl for the production of this event.

    The Festival features a unique outdoor venue for families, children and young people to celebrate the holidays season. Ten wooden huts host a variety of gastronomic delights (German and Hungarian specialties, different kinds of Cheese, hot wine), art works, designers and wooden toys. Special programs for children are held each day including puppet shows, storytelling and other children entertainments. The Festival also hosts unique music programs for adults and children performed by local and foreign artists with special themed nights. The festival will be held in an outdoor area; however there will be large tents which will provide shelter against bad weather.

    Parking is available next to the festival site, in the Gefinor Center (Clemenceau street).

    Jazz Festival 2011 Jazz Festival 2011 Beirut Jazz Festival 2011
    Jounieh 2011 Pubs Festival Jounieh 2011 Pubs Festival

    Meet us on the 31 of August, in the longest bar in the world.

    Nabay Festival Nights 2011 Nabay Festival Nights 2011

    5 days, starting from first of september till 5.
    Tony Kiwan on the third of september
    Melhim Zein on the fourth of september
    Mohammad Iskandar on the fifth.

    Dhour Shweir 2011 Festival Dhour Shweir 2011 Festival 50th Shweir Emigrants Festival Program
    Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011 Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011 Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Bilal The Gypsy & Feghaly Bilal The Gypsy & Feghaly Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Ilham Al Madfai Ilham Al Madfai Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Heart Beat Heart Beat Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Carole Samaha Carole Samaha Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Kids Week Kids Week Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Oussama Rahbahi & Hiba Tawaji Oussama Rahbahi & Hiba Tawaji Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Jahida Wehbe Jahida Wehbe Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Arthur Satyan Arthur Satyan Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Bond Bond Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Tino Favazza Tino Favazza Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Helen Segara Helen Segara Ehdeniyat International Festival 2011
    Kazem El Saher Kazem El Saher Beiteddine Art Festival 2011
    Stabat Mater Stabat Mater Beiteddine Art Festival
    Exhibition Of SABAH Exhibition Of SABAH Beiteddine Art Festival 2011
    Exhibition Of Reza Abedini Exhibition Of Reza Abedini Beiteddine Art Festival 2011

    "Louis Hayes is one of Jazz's greatest drummers of all time. His story contains a glorious past, a most vibrant present and an everlasting future. At age 18 Louis became a three year member of the legendary Horace Silver Quintet and for the following six years joined the extraordinary Cannonball Adderly Quintet. Besides several years of musical associations with Oscar Peterson and McCoy Tyner, Louis led and co-led a series of groups as with: Dexter Gordon, Freddie Hubbard, and Woody Shaw - to name just a few.

    Louis recorded and worked with the Greatest in Jazz: John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Thelonious Monk, J.J. Johnson, Sonny Clark, Wes Montgomery, George Benson, Joe Henderson & many others.

    Having won numerous awards and participated in almost every major international festival over the years, Louis Hayes finally arrives to Baalbek as Leader of the Cannonball Legacy band which already has several hit albums including the most recent "Maximum Fire Power". The band features two of today's greatest stars of Modern Jazz: Vincent Herring on Saxophone & Jeremy Pelt on Trumpet. Also joining the band will be Anthony Wonsey on Piano and Richie Goods on Acoustic Bass.

    ABDEL RAHMAN EL BACHA ABDEL RAHMAN EL BACHA A very tough French musical critic said of him "Abdel Rahman El Bacha is a shining star in his world of music, a world that knows no physical boundaries or historical limitations. His language is understood universally, touching hearts and minds through his chosen instrument, the piano, and with the help of nimble fingers and an exceptional talent. These are skills he develops and hones with great precision, knowing that to realise one's dream, nothing can be left to chance."
    He came for the first time to Baalbek in 2008 to interpret as a soloist, with his astounding technique, a various repertory that totally seduced us and left us on our thirst to see him play again his exceptional interpretations.
    This year, he is coming back to enchant us once again.
    Beethoven: Piano Sonata no.12 in A flat major, op.26
    Schubert: Impromptu no.3 in B-flat major op.142
    Chopin: Nocturne no.13 in C minor op.48 no.1 / Polonaise op.53 in A flat major
    El Bacha: A Ritual Ancient Arabs' Danse / Variations on an Abdel Wahab Melody / Bacchus
    Prokofiev: Sarcasms op. 17
    Ravel: Gaspard de la nuit
    THE GERSHWIN PIANO QUARTET THE GERSHWIN PIANO QUARTET The Gershwin Piano Quartet sheds new light on the music of Gershwin. It features four pianists on four concert grand pianos playing, arranging and improvising on some of Gershwin's most popular songs and orchestral works. Their repertoire also includes important works by Stravinsky, Ravel ... thus creating a lively and highly virtuosic concert evening not to be missed.
    The program will feature:
    Stravinsky: Petrushka-Suite
    Granados: La Maya y el Ruisenor
    Wirth: Tango-Fugue on a theme by Astor Piazzolla
    Wild: Etude no3 on "The Man I Love" - Etude no 6 on "I Got Rhythm"
    Ravel: La Valse
    Gershwin: Rhapsody in Blue - Lady Be Good - I Got Rhythm
    Porter: Night n' Day
    BORIS EIFMAN BALLET THEATRE OF SAINT-PETERSBURG BORIS EIFMAN BALLET THEATRE OF SAINT-PETERSBURG After their brilliant performance at Baalbek in 2010, the Boris Eifman Ballet Theatre of Saint-Petersburg will be back this year to present the magnificent ballet Don Quichotte or fantasies of a mad man.
    "Don Quixote, or Fantasies of a Madman" is one of Boris Eifman's most enjoyable works, brisk storytelling and lively dance that gingerly sends up classical ballet while providing a reasonably fine modern equivalent. Eifman wakes up the old art like few others, loyal to the tradition while boldly updating its look. In "Quixote," he finds the perfect metaphor, encasing his hero in a framing plot as inmate of an asylum, a way to be faithful to Miguel de Cervantes themes. Not only is this Quixote — danced with brittle zeal and bursting energy, but the approach allows Eifman to craft an earnest plea for the imagination, a lustrous salute to the vision and suffering of all artists." (Chicago Tribune, April 2011)

    A Lebanese musical play entirely live. It is interpreted by Assi el Hallani, Antoine Kerbaje, Carmen Lebbos, Carine Ramia, Nabil Abou Mrad, Ghassan Attieh, Joseph Assaf, Boutros Farah, Khaled el Sayed, Hala el Murr, Sabeh Baaklini, Alain Aye, the music is played by an orchestra of 45 musicians conducted by Maestro Harout Fazlian and the choir of the Antonine Fathers University under the direction of father Toufik Maatouk will complete this ensemble with the participation of an elite of singers, actors and dancers.

    All the sets are designed by Rami Sabbagh. The dances are choreographed by Francois Rahme. The costumes design and execution are signed by Faten Mechref from the Caracalla Research Center.

    This musical play, which takes place during the conflicts between Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart, highlights the impact of the conflicts that have always existed between East and West and its effect on Lebanon as well as on the region.

    The intrigue is an integral part of the piece that has a leading character who is a contemporary writer who decided to continue to write his piece as a musical play titled "From the days of Saladin". He then penetrates his own creation to convince his own characters to negotiate and conclude a final peace between East and West, at the Gates of the City of Peace instead of the historic yet limited truce that resulted between Saladin and Richard the Lion Heart in 1192.

    This musical play includes elaborate scenes and songs with a folkloric oriental music without ever forgetting the framework of events; modern audio-visual and lighting effects done by a highly qualified technician team complete this masterpiece. The result that evolves in a piece produced today is fast-paced and quite audacious.

    Thirty Seconds To Mars Thirty Seconds To Mars Brace yourself and hold your breath: 30 Seconds to Mars - one of the hottest alternative rock bands on the planet - will be in Byblos for one amazing show! After rocking packed arenas around the world, the award-winning American band will electrify their fans with some of the biggest hits of the last few years.
    Don Quixote [Byblos Festival 2011] Don Quixote [Byblos Festival 2011]

    A musical play by Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani. Based on Cervantes' literary masterpiece, Don Quixote is an epic musical play created by Marwan, Ghadi and Oussama Rahbani for the opening of Byblos 2011. Don Quixote's idealism clashes with Lebanese realities in this huge theatrical sensation starring Rafic Ali Ahmad, Hiba Tawaji and Paul Sleiman.

    Dear friends, With the beginning of every summer, we gather at Byblos, this ancient city that has given its name to the Holy Bible, educated mankind, proclaimed civilization and spread alphabet and knowledge in the whole world.

    The new play we will be presenting this season at the opening of Byblos International festival is inspired by the most renowned novel in the world: "Don Quixote" by Cervantes: a Literary wonder that achieved international fame just like the "Iliad" by Homer, the "Divine Comedy" by Dante, "Faust" by Goethe, and "Romeo and Juliet" By Shakespeare. And if we wanted to sum up this novel with one word, it would be "Sarcasm", as it is the most sarcastic and satirical novel in western literature. Yet, stories that make people laugh make them weep too.

    Why " Don Quixote" ? … And why today? Because it is the time to dream, and what is a dream but a representation of truth and reality. "Don Quixote" or "Don Assaad Quixote" as he is named in the play, tried to sow dreams of change in the minds and spirits of his people; but he came up against a sad and ugly truth: some societies do not desire to change, and latch onto their diseases, hungering for corruption and following their leaders' whims.

    "Don Quixote" is a play that verges on dreams and fantasy, and that is presented with a revolutionary vision. We set off from our environment, our country, and our reality to travel through a story that sheds light on corruption and injustice through an errant knight in love with his imaginary Dulcinea, whom he reverts back to purity after society had corrupted her.

    And here is the shameful equation: who is the victim and who is the oppressor, the people or the rulers? At times, they are both partners in crime. We have taken the essence of the story and presented it in a play, which we introduced to you the general guidelines, leaving the details and dramatic an comic incidents for the performance. With a new vision in direction, great production, dramatic script and lyrics, and dazzling composition and performance, this play will come to life with a high tech mobile décor, futuristic costumes, captivating choreography, and elite artists.

    The concept and music are signed by Oussama Rahbani, the book and lyrics by Ghadi Rahbani, the direction by Marwan Rahbani, and the production by Byblos International Festival and Oussama Rahbani. We hope "Don Quixote" will be a new and innovative version of the novel that has taught generation after generation, The first generation met "Don Quixote" with laughter. The second met it with a smile. The third met it with tears. We hope that our people meet it with a pinch of conscience, to change the inhuman and unjust situations prevailing in our modern society.

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