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Elton John and his band in Lebanon Elton John
Sunday December 10th 2017|20:30
"With over 250 million albums sold and 5 Grammy Awards, Sir Elton John is one of the most popular, acclaimed and prolific artists of all time. As part of his Wonderful Crazy Night tour, this living legend will be performing in Beirut –with his full band– a best-of selection of his outstanding...
at Forum de BeyrouthHall EJ
Charles Helou avenue, Medawar, Lebanon 

Bid for a barrel Bid for a barrel

If you've seen the artists at work at Massaya Faqra you'll know how beautiful a barrel can be. The colors, the imagination, the patterns...

Each painter expressed their passion for Massaya in their own sense of creativity.

We were thrilled by the entries in our painting competition this year by the artists Darine Semaan and Joseph Rahayem.

This Sunday May 14th, you can have your own original barrel at our barrel auction in Massaya Faqra starting 11:00 AM.


Enjoy our authentic Spring brunch with open wine and arak, bid on the barrel you like and return home with a new piece of art!

Non-colored oak barrels will also be available for bidding.

P.S: All our barrels have done their vital duty of maturing Massaya wine so they have an authentic link to the vineyard.

Painted barrels starting price: $400
Natural barrels starting price: $250


$30/child below 12 years old
FOC/child below 7 years old

FOR YOUR BOOKINGS +961 70 122 414
Lebanese association for history Lebanese association for history Lebanese association for history
Sites of commemoration in Lebanon
The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017 The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017 Save the date for the 2nd Edition of The Cocktail Festival, taking place this year in Jounieh, Lebanon's renowned capital of tourism and nightlife. 
After a successful 1st edition in Brummana in Summer 2016, with more than 45,000 visitors in 4 nights, The Cocktail Festival - Jounieh Edition 2017 will celebrate the great and the good of Lebanon's cocktail scene, with all the top bars and brands and all your favorite bartenders and mixologists.
Date: 17 to 20 August 2017
Place: Jounieh - Fouad Chehab Stadium 
Time: From 6:00 PM till Midnight
The Cocktail Festival featured more than 55 bar stations, bar caterers and pubs from Mar Mkhayel, Hamra, Jounieh, Badaro, Byblos, Brummana, Dbayeh and other nightlife hotspots. 
Non-stop entertainment with top-notch DJs, bands, shows and exciting competitions will mark again Lebanon's biggest Summer 2017 event! 

This event is brought to you by Beirut Cocktail Factory and CPR Group Stay tuned for news and updates...
Jay Sean at URBN Caprice! Jay Sean at URBN Caprice!
This Wednesday, April 12, 
URBN is going “Down” with the man behind some of the biggest 
RnB dance tracks of all time, 
 Reserve on: 70 220 223
Pruning day at Faqra Pruning day at Faqra

Pruning day at Faqra


Wine making is a fascinating process that starts with healthy vines. Every year at this time we carry out a careful pruning of the vines to ensure they will grow strongly and deliver a high quality crop of grapes. And this is a process that you can take part in. We love it when our customers and friends come to help us and you will enjoy having a role in preparing this year's vintages.


First, there are one or two things you need to know. We will provide the tools and give you some basic instructions. You need to choose some sturdy shoes as the ground is often stony. So, to be comfortable, make sure you have footwear with a tough sole.

There's food too. We encourage everyone to help prepare lunch of Risotto and Cabri lamb dish. For those who wish to stay for lunch, the charge will be $25 after the pruning session.



The following day, Sunday April 9, the Fireplace res! taurant presents its new Spring-Summer buffet menu.
It's a sure sign that good times are here.

A good wine starts with a healthy vine

When the new wines are released you will know you helped in the process that made them. That's a good feeling that we experience every year and we invite you to share it too.


Massaya Faqra

Date and Time:
Saturday April 8, 2017
Starting 9:00 am

Complimentary drinks for volunteers


FOR YOUR BOOKINGS +961 70 122 414


Batroun International Festival 2017 Batroun International Festival 2017

Batroun International Festival

August 6: Beer, Wine & Seafood
August 12: Carole Samaha
August 18: Bonnie Tyler
August 19: Wael Kfoury
September 7/10: Batroun Mediterranean Film Festival

Get your tickets from Virgin Ticketing Box-Office!
Network with international experts at the Lebanese Bartender competition during Horeca 2017 Network with international experts at the Lebanese Bartender competition during Horeca 2017 Network with international experts at the Lebanese Bartender competition during Horeca 2017
La Reine Des Neiges La Reine Des Neiges La Reine Des Neiges
Hardine village A peek on hardine, beit kassab village - North of Lebanon


Batroun Bsharre Ehden Tripoli Zgharta


Jezzine Tyre


Baalbeck Zahle
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